10 Years ago

Yep, 10 years ago I was a senior at Sabetha High School and I am going back to my home town this weekend for my ten year high school reunion. I have been warned by my good friend Sarah not to go, I am going to take my chances.

Here are a few things that are different about me since I was in Highschool:

- I drove a red VW bug until it kept breaking down and I had to drive the family Pontiac Sunbird
- I was dating a guy that was in the army.
- I worked as a nurses aid at a nursing home
- A fun night out was dragging main in the town 15 miles from Sabetha
- I was eating DQ chicken strip baskets at any chance I got.
- I went to Topeka for fun (that is the arm pit of Kansas incase you didn't know)
- I shopped exclusively at American Eagle (I must have been pretty cool because I think the kids are still shopping there)
- I was a runner up for the queen of hearts at the Valentines Dance but did not win. (I am still upset about this)
- I had a retainer that had a tooth hooked on it while I was having a tooth implant. I would pop the retainer out to eat and I would have a large gap where my tooth was going to be. (The funny thing about that is Brett also had this in highschool, we are soulmates)
- I would wake up on days I had gym class and could not wait to play dodge ball (wait, that is not different than now, I still wake up wanting to play dodge ball)
- I did not enjoy learning (this is the reason my spelling is so stinking bad, I only started to learn how to spell within the last 5 years of my life) Being social was a priority for me in highschool, not homework. I was the girl that took home ec. and shop class instead of a English College prep class.
- I was a swimmer and now I am a runner
- I listed to grunge music (Green day, No doubt, Superdrag, The Refreshments, The Cranberries)
- I never wore heels or wore much makeup (wait does carmax lip balm count as make up?)

I am sure I could think of a million other things but I think I covered most of it. I will be sure to blog about how the reunion went. GO BLUEJAYS Class of 1999!!!!!


Carrie Anne Johnson said...

I miss the ol' VW! Those were great times!!

kjl said...

Love the yearbook pic! I have to say that Chad and I were not at all excited about going to our 10th and we ended up having a really good time. I'm sure you will too! :)

The Sauders said...

This makes me laugh!!! Can't believe its been 10 years!

Tish said...

what a fun list lol...how was it?