I Heart small towns

This weekend we took off Friday from work and headed to my old stomping grounds, Sabetha, KS. For some reason, this is becoming my new favorite vacationing spot. It is not a far drive, there is always great food (I had an amazing steak this weekend) and wonderful time with family.

This weekend I had another couple reasons to love the small town. A few months ago we were told by our vet here in KC that our dog really needed to have his teeth cleaned. I did not disagree, Debo likes to eat his own poo poo from time to time so his breath was out of control. I got a quote from the vet and it was near $250 to have them cleaned!!! Since there are a few other things that may come before Debo having his teeth cleaned such as clothing my child and eating, I thought we would see what the cost was in Sabetha.

The grand total came to:

$60 bones??? What a deal!! They even trimmed his nails for free while he was out. I am forever going to Sabetha for check ups. I had almost a $200 savings !!! Maybe this is a business opportunity for me. I take your dog for the weekend to the farm to wear him/her out and get any vet visits taken care of for a small charge.

The other reason I love small towns so much is because they really help you regain your confidence. This weekend I ran in my first 5K since I got preggers. I just started to run again and watch what I eat so I am pretty slow these days yet:

I got third in my age group!!! Ha ha. Everyone in my family placed in their age groups so we were all feeling pretty good. I may have run the slowest I have ever run but I still got a metal and a bag of dog treats that I won in the drawing ;)
If I could get my friends, Target, D'Bronx, Okie Joes and our church to move to Sabetha, I am pretty sure we would be moving tomorrow;) I love where we live but the small town is the best place to live if you ask me. Go shopping and out to eat in the city but just live the good life in a small town. Maybe someday.
p.s. Dad and Joce, thanks so much for making the weekend so relaxing and enjoyable, you do a great job of entertaining your guests!! Oh, Hutch misses the farm already! Can't wait to come back.


Carrie Anne Johnson said...

Congrats to the Strahm running team!! Git 'r done!!

Kara said...

I could NOT agree more Vikkie! Things are just CHEAPER here- it's amazing!!!
I heart small towns too!

The Frazee's said...

yea, i think you should move to sabetha----all it takes is lots of internet shopping :)

Jamie said...

I am with you sister! I am really beginning to appreciate Sabetha! I hate being so far away- and the simplicity of a small town is really growing on me! I will add to your list "only 1 month of snowy-cold weather" and then I will be back too! :)