Letters from Dad/Grandpa Strahm

A few weeks ago my Dad sent me this:


I just had to send you this picture that you took with my camera , it was just special. It is even cooler when you put it on full screen, which we have currently on our front page on our computer. Hutchie Putch just reminds me of that caged bird on Tom and Jerry that says, "I tot I saw a puddie cat...I tot I did..I tot I did". Hope you enjoy as much as I did. That little one just makes me laugh.


Picture attached:

Then an email I got today:
Vikkie darlin`,

I have said from day one that little Hutch looks like you,especially through the eyes and mouth, and shape of head.....well I guess that pretty much covers it, ha!
Anyway, the "tweety bird" photo reminded me immediately of a picture I always admired of you, and so went looking for it on Sunday. I found it, then had Jocelyne do her computer savvy and scanned it to my computer, then put them side by side....I rest my case. I just thought you would enjoy it.

Maybe a little more hair, another year, and a lot less testosterone, and he would be a "spittin` image" of you, right? I miss that little guy. The distance between me and my grandchildren does sorta suck.....keeps me from just droppin` in and kissing a butt cheek or biting some toes.

Back to work,

Pictures attached:

I love it that Dad took the time to do this. It made my day and it will show all of you that think Hutch looks just like Brett that really he looks like his mommy.
Thanks Grandpa for these fun emails. You are the best Grandpa to your grand babies!!!!!


Tish said...

ah this seriously made my heart go pitter pat.

crazy. the kid looks like both of you. how does that happen?!

Kara said...

I've been wrong all along! Sorry Vikkie- this is definitely your son- proof's in the picture!

kjl said...

He definitely does have your eyes and mouth...maybe just Brett's nose and chin. :)

EmilyG said...

Your dad is the cutest. :) I'll have to see the little guy in person someday to make my final look-alike judgement. ;)

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this!! Katy

Anonymous said...

Who is who????--Carrie J