Day at the races

Last week my friend at work had a couple extra tickets to the Nascar Races and was so kind to give them to me. I have been wanting to go to the races to help inspire me for my event that is held at the speedway but I am also always up for an adventure. When I was given these tickets, I thought of my Dad right away. I later found out that, my husband,who may spend more money on his hair cuts than I do (not that it would be that difficult to do since I have not had a hair cut in 17 months), only dresses from banana republic and refuses to drink Bud light, wanted to go too. Who would have known Brett had a little need for speed in him?? :) Anyway, Brett graciously agreed that he would spend a fun filled day with Hutch so I could take my Dad and it could be a great Daddy/Daughter day.

We had a great time!!

Happy Birthday Dad and thanks for coming up and spending the day with me!!! Nascar fan for life baby!!!!!!


Dad Strahm said...

I am sorta surprised, Vikkie, that you didn't blog about the Marboro tent, after all, you are now a "ligitamate smoker on maternity leave". Let's see, I beleive your words were, "Man, this place makes me want to smoke!" It was a great day, one that I will never forget, thanks for the good times. Turn left and floor it, baby!!!!!!

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