Sweet Cali

Oh how I love vacation!!!! I love how it is just a fantasy world of no schedules, eating out, shopping, maids cleaning your room everyday, no 8-5 work, etc. I also have to say that everyone tried to talk us out of taking sweet Hutchy boy but turns out that "vacation hutch" is the best kind of Hutch. In fact, we have been using the term "vacation hutch" since we have been back. When he wakes up in the middle of the night screaming, I roll over and say to brett, " I miss vacation Hutch". I am not going to lie, it is a bit of a chore to take along a one year old but pro's out weighed the con's by a landslide.
Top 5 Highs:
- Seeing my husband finish a marathon and seeing him embrace Hutch afterwards. Hutch was so proud of Daddy and was impressed with his metal!!!
- Staying at sweet Hyatt hotels at no cost at all since I had some Hyatt points for doing an event there a few months back.
- Waiting for my son to wake up almost every morning since he slept longer than we did, when does that ever happen at home?? Oh, and he woke up in the BEST mood.
- Traveling with friends, we have never done this before but I think we will do it again for sure.
- Breakfast at The Creamery in Palo Alto, CA. I think I would like to retire in this town.

Top 5 lows:
- Brett accidentally rolling the car window up on my finger while I was putting a blanket in back window to give Hutch some shade. The fight following this incident was not so great either :)
- Eating at this bad Crepe place in Monterey, nothing worse than wasting money on a really bad meal.
- Only getting to eat at In and Out burger once, my goal was to eat at least three meals there even if one had to be a burger at breakfast.
- Getting sick on the way home in the airport and then being sick all week when getting home.
- Accidentally paying 13.99 to watch a movie in the hotel one night and then falling asleep before the ending. YIKES!!

All and all, we had a great time! Check out my pics on my slide show!!


Tish said...

ah man i missed ya'll?!?! :(

anna said...

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