Beagle Vacuum

We went to the farm last weekend and plan on going again this weekend so I thought it might be fun for our sweet first born (Debo the beagle) to stay at the farm and play for a week. He is in heaven when we go out there eating whatever he can find, rolling in anything that stinks and chasing rabbits all day!! He loves it out there and I love watching him just run free.

I thought this was such a great idea until I was feeding Hutch breakfast Monday morning and Hutch threw a piece of his peanut butter toast off his tray and on to the floor. Typically, I don't even worry about it since I know good ole Debo will come to my rescue and eat anything that falls from Hutch's high chair. It is only Tuesday and I am already tired of picking up Hutch's food. How do Mom's not have a dog???? You would save yourself a lot of work :)

Miss you Debo :( Not only because you are a great "clean up crew" but you are just the sweetest dog I know!!!!


The Frazee's said...

im not sure why you arent calling me when you are in sabetha so often!?!?!?!?

vwiese said...

Gina, your son (victor) did not give you the message that I was looking for you sunday. Come on VICTOR!!!!

Kara said...

Yes, that is a very good reason to have a dog Vik. However, until we get a house in the country- no dog for us.

Joce said...

He is such a sweet dog!!! Not bad looking either!! He can come stay at the farm anytime. He doesn't run off or bark at night, two of my pet peaves(sp)! He is actually staying pretty clean and clear of loose horses like we had yesterday roaming around the barnyard,(smart dog).
That is the best picture of him, you should frame that one!!

anna said...

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