Farewell Monte

Monte is the name of the mouse we have been trying to catch for the last two days (Brett named him). Yesterday at 1:12pm his life was ended as he attempted to eat the sour Lifesavers gummy ( I felt kinda bad that he did not at least get a last good meal before his life was ended). I really didn't think you could get mice in the city but I guess you can. It worked out that my mom was in town this week so she and Brett were the mice hunters and I just stood back and let them do the work.

Sorry we had to kill you little guy, I hope it was not too painful to get your neck snapped in half but I really can't have you around my house. You are dirty and gross and I am a clean freak. I do hope this was a sign to all your little friends to not come around my piece no mo!!!


Andrea said...

Ha ha! :)

Tish said...

lol loved your usage of "mo"...glad to know i left you with some good flava ; )

p.s. that's nasty gurl!

jmac said...

you don't live in the city vikkie