“Oh Christmas Tree”

“Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree, how lovely are your branches”
Brett picked this tree out last night and I think it has been the best tree EVER!!!
I think this tree has gotten me really excited about Christmas this year and I am not even that in to the whole Christmas thing. Don’t get me wrong I love the fact that baby Jesus was born but I hate what society has done to this holiday. I hate Christmas sweaters, I hate the life size blow up Santa’s that are in people’s yard, I hate that I can’t say Merry Christmas because it is not PC, I hate how people go in debt getting others gifts and I really hate that it gets so stinking cold/ icy around this holiday and I usually wreck my car. All this things aside I am kind of loving Christmas this year. That’s right, I have my lights up, my holiday flannel pants from Old Navy ready to wear and even some gifts purchased. I thought I would make a list of things I do love about Christmas since I did just spent several sentences talking about what I hate about it ;)

I love snuggling by the tree with Brett and Debo watching some classic Christmas specials (Christmas Vacation and Home Alone), I don’t really love getting the gifts for people but I LOVE wrapping them, I love the way the house is so cozy with all the lights and the smell of the greenery, I love seeing what Brett gets me for Christmas (he is the best gift giver I know, no pressure this year brett). MMM, what else, I love Reese’s Trees (king size of course) and I love how everything is on sale. I think I might shop for myself this time of year more than others, hee hee.

I also love smores over the stove like I did last night, you all know my love for smores, that is right, I even do it in the winter, works like a charm!!!


Katy said...

I drove past your house last night on my way home and your Christmas lights look great. That does look like the perfect tree.

kjl said...

Getting the tree is always what gets me into the holiday spirit! I'm bummed we haven't gotten ours yet! The rain prevented it Saturday morning. :( Yours looks great!!!

Andrea said...

I was just telling Katy last week that I feel like I am in more of the Christmas spirit then I have been in a long time. I'm not sure what it is this year, but I'm kinda excited about the holidays too. So funny that you're feeling the same way!