Dodge This!

Just an update for all of you that are following out dodge ball team, Yes, we are #1 so far! Yes, I am awesome at recruiting a dodge ball team and Yes, we will win it all!!!!
I am not sure why I am so competitive with this sport, I am not even that great at it. All I know is that I hate to lose and so far my team has made me very proud!!!
This stud muffin was rocking it on Monday night.


hannah said...

look at the concentration. fierce.

toby said...

I do not want to be at the business end of that cannon.

kjl said...

Oh please...you know you are the best dodgeball player EVER!!! No one else can do a dive roll in a dodgeball game like you can, Vikk!! Wish we weren't so dang old--it would have been great to play with you guys again!