back on a monday.

Hi, it is me Vikk, rememeber me??? (that is what I am saying in this picture)
no to worry all, yes I took a blogging break for a while. Life and work have been busy and I have not had a lot of time to put some thought into my blog. I think I am ready to start up again starting monday with a theme per week so here are some post to look forward to.

Week 1: "Things I want to do before dying"
Week 2: Favorite Books, oh wait, I don't read, I mean "favorite childhood pics and stories" My be some naked baby pics so you will want to watch for that ;)
Week 3: Thanksgiving week: "Things I am thankful for" (whoa this is getting deep, I know. Stay tunes, you might be one of my posts on week 3)
Week 4: Gearing up for the Christmas

See you next week, hope to get lots of comments ;)


Cara said...

welcome back, dear friend. We have missed you.

vwiese said...

thanks Cara,
I have missed all of you as well.

Jen Fox said...

My life can go on now.