One Rocking Christmas

That's right, I had a theme Christmas at my Dads house and it was totally rocking!!!! He had the palm trees, the beads, the great food. It was wonderful.
I have to say, I was a little nervous about my Dad changing up the tradition this year but it was a great idea and I think he is going to do a different theme every year. Come on, you all know my Dad is not just a farmer in a small town. He is Event Planner extraordinaire!!! Yep, he can fix a tractor, feed cattle in the dead of winter, grow corn event when their is little rain but he can also through one great party. Not only did he have some great ambiance going on but the food was great!! It was a shrimp boil and yes it tasted as good as it looks. Maybe you are thinking..... "Man, the colors in these pictures on Vikks blog are great!!" Well, you can thank my Dad for that too. He got Brett and I the best joint gift ever since we have been married, a digital camera!!! It is so nice and I love it already. I did get lots of wonderful gifts (Pink I-Pod, target gift cards, cooking stuff, a hot little coat and some clothes and great stocking stuffers) but the camera just topped it off!!
Dad, thank you for doing something fun and special for this years Christmas. It has been one crazy year but this was a great way to end 2006 and jump into 2007. You do a great job of mixing it up and I love that about you. Love you Dad!!!
After the party we went hunting, say tuned for that post ;)


toby said...

So hot. So what was the theme, exactly? Tropical paradise?

Cara said...

Your dad is so stinking cool!

Heidijayhawk said...

sounds like you had fun! you are absolutely going to love your camera! what kind did you get?

vwiese said...

yes, it was kinda like a New Orleans/ Tropical theme.

jmac said...

are those muscles, shrimp and sausage? dang!