Just add pudding

hey all,
I am feeling on top of the clouds today because I made a chocolate cake a birthday party at work and it was a huge hit!!! Nothing feels better when people notice your handy work. I have to let you all in on a little secret though: IT IS THE PUDDING!!! That is right, next time you make a cake from the box, just add a box of the pudding flavor that you are making. I have done this with lemon and vanilla and the cake is so moist and a little more taste. I am not sure who told me to do that but thanks, it works everytime. Even if I cook the cake a few extra minutes on accident, it still works. This cake was so good with a side of mint chocolate chip icecream, great during the holidays. I would also reccomend taking the Wilton Cake Decorating class, it is pretty cheap and you do learn so much. Have fun baking this Christmas season!!!


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Anonymous said...

good to see you got the piping on there. :) wish i could have sampled this- it looks so good!

Andrea said...

This cake is beautiful! I am really impressed by your cake decorating skills! I need to learn, but I havent tried much, so I should start there!
Good work!!