hey all,
yes, yes, I know I didn't hold up my end of the deal on blogging on the topics I picked. I thought if I put it out there, I would do it but I just didn't. My goal of the new year is to change the look of my blog a bit and try to blog at least twice a week ;)

On to other things, Christmas is just around the corner and I thought I would fill you in on the top ten things I love and hate about this time of year, here we go:

1.) The Celebration of Christ, hands down that is the best!!
2.) Smell of Christmas Tree
3.) Breaking out my Old Navy Christmas Tree sweats that I have had for years and refuse to give up.
4.) Listening to my NSYNC Christmas CD, shut up, I know you all love it!!! Back when Lance was straight!
5.) Shopping for gifts way in advance so that I don't get stressed out about that. Yes, in case you wondered, I have been done shopping for about a week now and they are all wrapped too. Pays to be a planner sometimes.
6.) Cookies and goodies, I do have the reoccuring problem of the dreaded "winter wieght". This year I am just going to let nature take its course and not stress about it. Hit the gym Jan. 2nd ;)
7.) SNOW, I love to look at it, not to drive in it. I am praying real heard for snow on Christmas day for the sake of my cute husband, he is like a little kid sometimes. He wants snow so bad he can taste it. I also went to LA a few weeks ago and thought it would be great to have warm weather in the winter. MMMM, Christmas just wasn't the same with out cold weather and snow. It was like they were trying to have Christmas in July.
8.) Christmas movies. Top one ever: Christmas Vacation!!! I finally bought this DVD this year and I love it!!! I will watch it year round. Following that movie my other favorites are Frosty the snow man, Home Alone 1, Ernest saves Christmas (this use to be my favorite, not sure I could stand to watch it anymore), I also love to watch Little Women and Step Mom during this time of year. Christmas Tree sweats + hot coco + popcorn + snow outside + fleece blanket + one cute Beagle to snuggle = BEST DAY IN MY LIFE!!
9.) Time with my extended family. In all there are about 35 people, fun times!!!! Best food in the land and great stories.
10.) Waking up on christmas morning with my best friend (and hotty, I might add).
11.) I know I only said 10 things but I love Time off work, that is worth a number 11.

1.) That I can only call Christmas, "Holiday" , until I get home in my own house where I won't offend anyone.
2.) People shopping last minute and complaining about it.
3.) Trying to be at every bodies Christmas at a certin time and rushing around with your head cut off. Not this year folks, I am sleeping in my own bed on christmas morning, it is going to be great!!
4.) trans cyberian orchestra, I really hate that crap!!!
5.) People that put one string of lights on something outside thier house. If you are not going to do it right, don't do it at all!!!!
6.) The bell that the Salvation Army people use to ring outside every store. I mean, would it hurt them to get a few more bells to play some music with. Come on, at least do something else to keep yourself busy while raising money. I would like to think I would be really good at doing that because I would have some other instruments to make it sound great. I hate the sound of bell in the same tone.
7.) Hobby Lobby at Christmas, it is like Santa came in there an threw up all over. That have some nice stuff but so much of it sucks!! They also have tons of stuff that people could get and they do but you get up to pay and they have two cashiers and they have to type each thing in the cash register because they have not switched over to the scanner. ANNOYING!!!
8.) Christmas jewelery, for the love!!!!! Please stop wearing that crap, it is so gay!
9.) Wrecks. Yes, I have at least one wreck per winter season, last year, I had two, that was my all time low!!! This year I am going to do my best to skip that stage and try to make it to spring to have another wreck. I did have a very small fender bender at the end of Nov. I figure that does not count since it was still kinda fall.
10.) Lastly, the stress of everything being perfect on christmas and forgetting the reason we celebrate. I hate what the world has done to this time of year. Lets all do our best to focus on the bigger picture. Not the gifts, the decorations, the drama, just Christ alone!

Merry Christmas!!!!


Crabby Rangoon said...

Yeah! Back in action! I missed your blog. Keep those posts coming.

kjl said...

I missed your blogs too, Vikk! Glad you're back in action. We had a great time with you guys Saturday night! :)