Cowboy Wieses

My new favorite picture of me and Brett, I think I play the part a little better than Brett but that is just me.

This is a picture from my Dad's annual theme Christmas, this year is was "Old Western Christmas" We had Buffalo, potatoes, beans, salad and rolls. It was a great meal even though I felt sick the whole day.

Mom had a more traditional Martha Stewart Christmas with Pork roast, rice and mushrooms, scalloped cabbage and a wonderful pumpkin pie for dessert. I guess people are not really wondering why I am an event planner, my parents are very creative ;) Thanks rents!

Happy New Year to you all!

Hey, how many days until Spring???I have reached my limit of winter.


hannah said...

spring can not get here fast enough in my opinion. you do make a fine cowboy vikkie, but i think you should respect brett a bit more.

Tish said...

you are one hot cowgirl my friend!