Introducing our new little man

Sorry I have taken a week to post about the new little addition to our family. I am so obsessed with him, I can't put him down to write a blog about it.
One week from today (Jan. 31st) our second son was born at 6:22pm weighing in at 6 lbs 15oz. and 18 3/4 inches long.
I don't like telling long birthing stories on hour to hour details so here is basic outline of how it all went down, a month earlier than expected:

9am: I went to hospital in the morning after I dropped Hutch off at daycare on my way to work because I just had not been feeling good and I had a little spotting the night before. Thought I might be dehydrated and just went to make sure everything was ok.
9:30: Started all kinds of tests to see why I was not feeling good and found out my Bilirubin count was high (I guess that means something not great with your liver). I was told it might be nothing but they wanted to observe me for a few hours but no need to have my husband come to hospital.
11:30: Did a sonogram on my liver, bladder and kidneys, took more blood and started me on fluids.

1:00pm: Told me they wanted to keep me for 24 hours to observe since they were not finding out why my Bilirubin was high. I was also starting to have some contractions around this time that felt like more than braxton Hicks. Doc checked me and I was at a 3.5 centimeters.

2:00pm: 4.5 centimeters dilated and I was told I was in labor.

2:01pm: Freaked out completely because I was not ready to have this baby. I had one of my biggest events of the year in a week (The event is tomorrow and I am praying for my staff that it all goes great, Good luck team!!) I didn't not have a chance to tell the nurses my birth plan, I didn't have the bag packed, diapers at home. NOTHING WAS READY!!! So, the crying began.

2:30pm: Texted brett to hurry because I needed my coach since contractions were getting harder at this point.

2:40pm: Brett arrived to save me!!!

4:30pm: Contractions got really hard and I started to doubt if I had the energy to do this since I had felt sick for the last month. I also only had a bowl of cereal that morning and they would not let me eat all day.

6:13pm: I told Brett if I was not at a 7 centimeters when the Doc. checked me next I was going to get an epidural because I was hooked up to monitors, I could not move about and get in some more comfortable positions to labor in. Again cried a bit because I wanted to be laboring in my own way.

6:14pm: Doc checked me and I was a 7, no an 8, Ohh, she broke my water, I was a 9 and I yelled "I need to push now, now, now, now." Brett says "Hey, she wants to push, she said she needs to push". I hear doctors and nurses say "hold on Vikkie, don't push, don't push". My response: screw this, I am pushing and so I began! Good thing the doc and nurses got me set up in one minute because 6 pushes later, Abram Reo Wiese was born. (Reo is my grandfathers brother. Never knew uncle Reo but I just thought that name was pretty cool).

I know he was born a month early but he was ready to come out and so was I. I instantly felt like a million bucks the minute he came out and I have since then. I LOVE NOT BEING PREGGERS!!!! It is a small price to pay but Abe made me work for him. Hutch was a breeze to be preggers with compared to Hutch. The NICU team was there to to take Abe if needed but he got denied within minutes of being born. He was healthy and perfect!!!!!

Here are just a few pics:

This is baby Abe with Uncle Abram, my brother.

Taking a nap at 5 days old.

Hanging with Dad.

Thanks all for your prayers, emails, cards, facebook messages and meals. We have the best friends, family and co-workers in the world!!!!
P.s. I will post soon of the boys together. Hutchy is the best big brother and is so sweet with Abe. He is at the farm this week with Papa Tractor and Grandma Joce and having the time of his life. I guess my Dad even got him to poop on the potty. Hey, he might be potty trained when I get him back, not to shabby. Two kids in diapers is going to kill our bank account so I am all for Hutchy getting potty trained :)


Kara said...

Ahh Vikkie! I loved your labor details. Wowzers. Was the crib even set up? Talk about exciting!
Abram is adorable! And I happen to agree with you- the second Ike was out of me- I felt great! Wow, how things change with the second pregnancy!

Linda said...

Hurray for Brett! He got there fast!

So happy that all went well for you and you have a gorgeous son!

The Frazee's said...

o he is a cute little man---congratulations

Tish said...

Congratulations Vikk and welcome to the fam bam Abe! :) Loved this post lol. You haven't lost your flare for entertaining luv.



Synthesiologist said...

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Leslie Scoby said...

I love birth stories! Congrats to all. He is a keeper!!

eMjealmedine said...

hallooo.. hi! blogwalking..:

nice blog & sweet baby :)

Anonymous said...


manthy said...

Awesome pictures of a life changing moment
Kudos - Manthy

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