Well, I am about a month into being a full time stay at home mom and I am loving it so far. I think one of my favorite things about staying home is obviously getting to hang out with Hutch more and really get to know him better. It has been a challenge to deal with this little squirt at times but it has also been so fun to really see him start to have his own personality.

This past weekend we went out to a farm to pick out a few pumpkins. Hutch and I took a hay rack ride out to the pumpkin patch and on the way pasted a soybean field that had not yet been harvested. I heard one of the Dad's tell his kid that that field was edamame and I just rolled my eyes. I asked Hutch what kind of beans they were and he replies "soybeans, mom!" Ahhh, duhhh Johnson county Dad who has been in the city a little too long!!!

I loved it that my son knew what they were and is a true farm boy at heart. I can't get the kid to sit still for much longer than 5 min, but somehow he managed to ride in the combine with my Dad for almost 7 straight hours a few weeks ago.

Anyway, on to my story. I asked Hutch to pick a pumpkin to take home. I kept pointing ones out that were perfect in shape and would say "Hutch, look at this one, it is perfect isn't it?" His response was "No Mom, it is not right, put it down". I kept trying to get him to pick one since the tractor was getting ready to take off. I just put on a big smile and acted really excited when I saw another pumpkin that was perfect and kept saying "Oh, Hutch, that is it, look how great that pumpkin is". His response was still "Mom, no no, not that one, put it down". I finally started to walk back to the tractor in hopes he would just forget about it and follow me but just then he said "this one!!!"

Can you tell which one he picked?

I love my Mr. Hutch Wiese. He keeps me on my feet.

Oh, one last sorry, Last night I needed to use the ladies room and Hutch walks in the bathroom and I say "Hutch, Mommy needs some privacy". His response was "I can't Mom, we don't have anymore". Smart kid, he is right, mommy does not have any privacy left :)


Jen Fox said...

LOL! Vikkie, that is hilarious!

The Frazee's said...

glad your back--cant wait to read weekly (biweekly or daily) updates

Tish said...


kjl said...

Love the Hutch quote and love the new banner too! Perfect. :)

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