Sweet 1 years old!!!

Where do I even start with this kid. He has been such an amazing blessing to our family. I just look at him and he makes me giggle like a little school girl. I am not sure if it is those blue piercing eyes or those cheeks that have been pinched too many times to count.
I told Brett when I was pregnant with Abe that as sick as I was, this baby was going to hold a special place in my heart. I think my exact words were "I think I am going to have a serious sweet spot for this little one". Man, did I nail it. Abram was 5 weeks early, the whole pregnancy went nothing liked I planned but the minute I held him I knew everything was perfect.
Being my second born, Abram got a much more relaxed Mom. I didn't stress about nursing, napping times or how many dirty diapers he had a day. I just held him and loved on him because I knew how fast this first year would go and I was not going to miss it. Now here we are a year from his birth and I am thinking.... why didn't I snuggle him a little more???? Shoot, if we have another baby, that baby is for sure going to get smothered!!!
Abe, sweet sweet Abe,
I love you so much and tend to miss you when you take your long naps. You fit in so perfect in our family and your big brother and Daddy love and adore you. This has been such a year of changes and challenges but you have been more than a joy to raise through it all. I can't wait to see what kind of person you become. Yet, I am not going to lie, part of me never wants you to grow up at all. Just so you know, even if Daddy tells you it is time to move out after you graduate from high school, you are always more than welcome to come on back home. Please never leave me and marry a women, drive on major highways, play aggressive sports or camp with an open flame. Oh wait, no I don't mean that, I am not a crazy mom, I just want to be around you as long as I can.
I love you my sweet little man!!


Tish said...

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Grandma Joce said...

Your dad told me about your update and I had to go read it after he said it made him cry. Well, he came in the room and started to read it aloud to me and then had to stop because he started to cry again and then I tried to finish reading aloud and couldn't because I started to cry. We are a couple of saps and your blog is so amazing. You are an awesome Mom. Thanks for sharing your feelings. We love you!!!!! Grandpa and Grandma Strahm.

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