26 going on 40

So this weekend I walked a lot of miles as I am in the first few weeks of my training for the 3-day walk that I am doing in San Diego in Nov. This week I walked a total of 21 miles. Yesterday I had to walk 6 miles,when I walked in the door with all my garb on Brett said: "Vikk, you look like you are 40 years old with that hip pack on!" I thought it was really funny because I pretty much have lost all pride for how I look when I work out as far as this walk goes. I bought some shoes that are size 10.5, my feet are huge!!! I purchased these shoes based purely on comfort which I never do, gotta look cool. I where a hip pack and a pedometer, pretty cool!!!! ;) I do have a pink i-pod so hopefully I do look close to 26 years old as I walk. Anyway, Brett took some pics of me after a hot walk:

Nice view, sorry folks, just look at the cool hip pack not that trunk ;)

Me, holding my cool pedometer and pointing to my rocking hip pack. It kinda looks like I am striking a
"muscle man" pose. ;)


toby said...

So many accessories! What do you have to carry that is requiring the pack?

kjl said...

I'm so used to wearing mine I think you look completely normal, Vikk!! :) To answer Toby's question, at the event everyone is required to carry two water bottles, so a waist pack is the easiest way to do that! Then you also have to carry sunscreen, chapstick, a first aid kit for blisters, your phone, snacks, and extra socks for your 20 mile trek. You just have to get used to wearing it even though for 7 mile walks you might not need all that stuff!