Body in pain!!

Sorry I have not blogged in a while, I have been too busy getting a new job ;) and walking! On Sunday I walked my all time high of 18 miles!! Nov. 9th is coming up and I am feeling all ready to walk these 20 miles a day for three days! My feet have swelled to a nice 10.5 shoe size and I now have "man feet"!! The first thing I am doing when I get back from this walk is taking a cheese grader to these bad boys. It is good to build up callus's for this long walk so you don't get blisters but they are kinda nasty just for just every day.

It has been a big commitment to walk so far and pretty much give up sleeping in on weekends but so worth it. I want to give a shout out to my girl Andrea for waking up so early to walk with me every Tues and Thurs and even sometimes on the weekends, thanks for sticking in there friend! Also thank you to Mindy and Kim for walking some of those 18 milers. My girl Andrea is going to go on that adventure this weekend. Biggest thanks to my boy, Brett, for picking up all the slack while I have been out walking for several hours at a time.
Just a few pics of my friend Kim and I after our walk. Kim is the one that recruited me for this adventure and we are getting excited to head to San Diego in just a few weeks.

Oh, my body is not only in pain from spending several hours on my feet walking, it is mostly from this new dodge ball league (we are awesome by the way) that I am in, holy crap, I can barely walk!!!!


toby said...

Go Vikkie, go!

jmac said...

please never use cheese grater and feet in the same sentence again.